Saturday, May 31, 2008

Junk Sculpture Artist in Patagonia

We discovered the studio of a very cool artist tucked away behind the Mexican restaurant where we stopped for lunch. He wasn't in so we couldn't go inside the studio- but just wandering about in the yard was great fun!

He had about a million projects in the works. ;)

So many interesting creatures were hiding all over the place.

He really had a way with faces. They each had their own personality.

Many of the pieces were kinetic! They would move with the slightest breeze.

Patagonia Galleries

There are a number of interesting galleries in Patagonia.

I have more gallery photos to post. Hope to get them up soon.
Patagonia is going to be a great place to take field trips during the Art Retreats at The After midnight Art Ranch!

Day of the Dead Museum in Patagonia

The Day of the Dead Museum was great fun! There wasn't enough light inside to get good photos, but what a wonderful collection to view. Lots of inspiration for future art projects.

Love the colorful motifs on this skull.

This guy has a LOT of personality.


Patagonia has some of the most interesting doors and windows I've seen anywhere.
This is from the back wall of the local Playhouse- The Tin Roof Playhouse.
Linda says they have a great theater group.

This doorway is to a very elegant house with some beautiful details on the architecture and the wall surrounding it.

Loved the archway on this gate. Lovely colors too.

There are many old rustic buildings in the area also.

Caught this swallow resting on a dried branch in a vase by the doorway to a gallery.

I will put together a collage sheet of all of the wonderful door and window photos I've collected during my visit. Stay tuned!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Barefoot in Sonoita

I'm not the only one who goes barefoot around here.

This guy thought he might want to join me in the office. Looked like a nice warm den to him.

I didn't invite him in, so he found a nice tree next to the house for taking a nap.

Another new friend

He was as curious about me as I was about him.

He wanted to keep an eye on me.

Linda called the Fish and Game department. They told her it was uncommon for a bear to be in these parts. He is just passing through.

I think he's been doing a lot of traveling lately. He needed a nap before heading for the Santa Ritas.

He is unbearably cute. I need to go take more photos.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wizard Diecut Sale and New Day of the Dead stamps!

After Midnight is having a blow out SALE on selected Wizard Dies including full alphabet sets! Get yours while supplies last.

Linda and Zeb are teaching Tom to get new stamps into the shopping cart on the After Midnight website.
His first endeavor was to get the full sheet of unmounted Day of the Dead stamps available for you.
It only took him most of the day to accomplish. Show him how proud you are of him by BUYING this sheet of deeply etched high quality rubber. :)
It was his birthday today, so he deserves a round of applause for taking the time to make this sheet available in response to so many customer requests.

My New Buddy

This guy is such a camera hog. He seems to LOVE having his photo taken.
Sonoita is a world class birding area.

Beautiful Sonoita, Arizona

Big Sky country!

The air is clean and clear, you can see forever, and the sky...WOW!