Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Art Glass Project sheet

More fun with Midnight Art glass

If you would like this project sheet in pdf format click HERE


France said...

I think those project sheets are great! I've downloaded the Egyptian Themed ATCs and looking forward to having a bit of time to play and use them with my ATCs! This one is great, I've been admiring my Art Glass for a while, and this might just be the push I needed!
Thanks for all the work you do Zeb!!

theDiva said...

I agree...these project sheets are the bomb! you asked in group, if we preferred .pdf's or just to right click and I *always* prefer .pdf's. Liking the high resolution I am. *wink*

JRTowner said...

I saw the After Midnight Glass tutorial you have on the blog that uses the metallic flakes. I LOVE It but have a couple of questions.

First, would the glass be drill-able or punch-able? On bail that you use, you are just gluing the glass to the jump ring portion of the bail with the glue and nothing else is securing it, Correct

Zeborah Loray said...

You can drill the glass before doing the other steps. It is easy to clear the hole while the embossing enamel is still warm.

I am gluing the bail to the back of the glass. The Scotch Weld glue is amazing. Only takes a tiny drop and holds perfectly. :)

Anonymous said...

Some general information for those who want to drill holes in the Midnight Art Glass. Safety glasses always! You do need a diamond bit. I went to the jewelry supply house to get one. They come in various sizes, so you need to know what size hole you want to drill. You must drill with the glass and the drill bit under water. It is best to put some masking tape over the area where you want to drill the hole. Helps to keep it from cracking. After trying numerous times to drill holes in glass, I decided it was much easier to attach a bail or wire wrap. It's just not the easiest thing to do unless you're an experienced glass cutter/driller.

Elaine Elwick Barr said...