Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dragon Eggs for Easter!

The "dragon eggs" are goose eggs covered in Fantasy Film!

The other eggs are done with Radiant Rain and Memory Mist sprays. :)


Mar said...

they are lovely!
and presented well too

Mar said...

yeah me again
your blog is gorgeous
i am sure you have really cool and interesting things in your shop..which is far away of course!

what is this fantasy film stuff
it sure looks interesting!!!

i looked for an email address but i am sure i overlooked it looking at everything else


thanks in advance for the answer

Kim said...

Very cool! Now, figuring how to display the dinos after they hatch....

Susie Jefferson said...

Glorious Fantasy Film goodies as always (we'd expect no less from you!) Well done, I can imagine how fiddly these were to control. Lovely!