Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Field Trip

We took off for a day trip to the Empire Ranch and the town of Patagonia.
We did make one wrong turn on our way to the ranch. Quite the adventure!
We ran into some locals on a back road.

They asked if anyone would like to have their photo taken on the pony cart. :)
Linda jumped right up. LOL

The horses were beautiful and the people were so friendly.

Then we were on our way, driving through gorgeous landscapes to the old ranch.

It really is a working ranch.

There are still plenty of wildflowers blooming.

The sunflowers are spectacular at this time of the year. The fields are covered in gold.

These sweet little guys were perched on a ledge of the front porch of the ranch building. We got to see the parents bringing the baby swallows their lunch. They were just beginning to learn to fly.

I love taking photographs of the buildings.
I think this one will show up in one of my collages. :)

I always seem to be drawn to the rusty things. The old ranch house is open to the public. I found it totally fascinating.

I think this is the only group photo we managed to get. Zeb is behind the camera.
Left to right: Patricia Dunbar, Linda Hanson, behind Linda (in the cowboy hat) Tom Hanson, Jeni Calkins, and Lynda Abare.

Great place for photos.

Then on to Patagonia.

I love the Day of the Dead Museum.

There are many other interesting galleries too.

Wonderful day out, fun and refreshing.

This is a photo of a rose that was greetings us by the front porch when we returned in the early evening to the Midnight Art Ranch.


Patricia said...

I want to be there NOW!! You are making me very homesick and it isn't even my home!! I had such a magical time and everyone needs to go at least once. I will be back as soon as possible. Patricia said...

I love the flower. It seems to be reaching for the warmth of the sun.

Looks like you had a great time.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

So charming + delightful + big WOW, thanks for sharing this!