Monday, October 6, 2008

Working with Pewter

Lynda Abare of 5 Acre Arts shared her expertise in the art of Repujado.
I LOVE working with pewter. I think Patricia fell in love with it too.

You can do amazing things with a few very simple tools.

This is a practice piece that Patricia started and I played around with after she left. I accidently punched a hole in it. Ooops! But I made it look like it was on purpose by setting a stone in it. LOL
Linda added this piece to her shrine. She wanted something done by each of us to be featured and this collaborative element by Patricia and Zeb fit the bill. :)

This is Patricia's piece while still a work in progress. I'll let her post the finished piece on her blog. :)

Linda used her pewter to cover a frame and embellished it with more pewter work. It is the focal feature on the book she did in Jeni's class. Such exquisite detail.

You have to backfill the pewter pieces to protect them from getting flattened. Pewter is very soft. It is like tooling butter- so easy - and you can get so much more detail than with harder tooling foils.

Remember our alpaca friends from down the road?

I made a quick sketch of Cheyenne (Linda's new boyfriend) to use with the pewter.

This was my second class with Lynda Abare. My first time attempt to do something other than just a design element with the pewter was a little scary, but Lynda broke it down into simple steps and I managed to get a piece I was happy with.
This piece ended up as the focal point for my shrine. :)


Diane said...

These are all gorgeous. That Cheyenne is very handsome & quite the kisser:>)

Patricia said...

I swear everytime I see your Cheyenne it literally takes my breath away. I was there thru the whole process and it was just amazing to watch it take form.

Patricia said...

And yes I MOST definately fell in love with it. Plan on buying a whole sheet of it for future use. Linda made working with it soooo easy. I HIGHLY recommend taking her classes, I will take one every chance I get. As soon as I get caught up I will post my completed piece.

Rosie said...

Stunning Zeb! I'd love to knwo how you made that paper! The pewter looks great and that Cheyenne you made is awesome... cheeky alpaca, isn't he?!

Sherry Goodloe said...

What a great job you did on the cheyenne piece!

BurningRubber said...

These are georgous! They make mine look ameturish(sp?)